Importance of Bathtime and The Uses of Soft Baby Towels

Soft Baby Towels are easily one of the most important accessories that parents need when giving babies a bath. The towels help to dry the baby but they also help swaddle the baby. The feeling of softness and lushness that the Soft Baby Towels bring cause a relaxing and comforting feeling for babies. One of the perfect bonding opportunities for parents and babies is during bath time and Soft Baby Towels help with that because they make cuddling more enjoyable and comfortable. So what are some of the importance of bathtime? Besides the obvious reason for cleaning the baby, bathtime is an opportunity for a lot more and we will discuss them below.

Alone Time with Baby

Bathtime is a great bonding moment for parent and baby because it gives them alone time to spend together and this alone time is usually quality time. Bathtime can last on average up to 30 minutes and the process can be a great moment for the mom or dad to talk with the baby, play with them, learn new things about the baby and much more. Also, the process of bathing the baby, drying them with Soft Baby Towels,  and applying lotion and oils, creates a bond of touch which is very comforting for a baby. Parents should try to tune out any distractions during bathtime and make the most of the alone time spent with the baby.

Cognitive Stimulation

Bathtime is a great time for babies to explore their senses and strengthen their neural pathways. Bathtime exposes them to different sensations such as sounds of splashing water, things floating on water, the feeling of warm water on their body, having toys that either float or sink in the water etc. Seeing all this helps stimulate their senses and make them want to explore more. All this leads to them developing faster. Hence, bathtime is a good time to increase a babies sensitivities and teach them new things about their environment.

Bathtime Leads to Easy Bedtime

Bathtime in the evenings leads to a smooth transition into bedtime. The soothing feeling of the warm water and then being wrapped in a soft baby towel will put the little one in a relaxed and calm mood and they would fall asleep in no time. This can also be true for adults. Taking a nice bath or warm shower after a long day sure puts us in a better mood to fall asleep.

How to Give a Newborn a Bath and Dry with Soft Baby Towels

Once you have the ok from your doctor to start giving your baby full baths, you would have to learn how to give your baby a proper bath and make it a good experience for both parties. It might take a few tries before you get it right so it helps to have other around to lend a helping hand when needed. On no occasion must you leave a baby alone in a bath or in bath water even for a second. So having someone to help you get suppliers or help you run errands while giving the baby a bath is a good decision. If there’s no one around, make sure you have all the bath supplies set and within reach before you start to give the baby a bath. Follow these steps below to give a baby a bath

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Get all the bath supplies like soft baby towels, soaps, combs, oils etc and put them within reach so you will have no need to get up during bathtime

Step 2: Fill the Tub With Water

Fill the baby tub with two or three inches of water and gently lower the little one into the water. Make sure the bath water is the right temperature make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. You can test the bath water with a thermometer or put a little on the baby’s toe or finger and see if the flinch or react negatively to the temperature before gently lowering them into the tub of water. You can also dip your wrist into the water to gauge the temperature. When the water is too its not good but bathing a baby with water that’s too cold is also a bad idea because babies can get cold pretty easily.

Step 3: Give the Baby a Proper Bath

Now the baby is in the tub, it’s time to clean them properly. Clean their face, body, ass, legs, fingers, ears and every other part of their body. Use a soft washcloth to do the cleaning and you can lather up with soap but it’s not always necessary. Try to use natural soaps and shampoos that are free from harsh chemicals. Make sure the soap or shampoo does not get in their eyes by protecting their face with your hand or by elevating it when you wash.

Step 4: Swaddle with Soft Baby Towels

After the bath, take them out of the tub and wrap them up with soft baby towels to keep them dry and warm. For newborns, you don’t necessarily need to use products like lotion so their skin. If you must make sure you use mild products that are made with no chemicals like natural oils like coconut oil, petroleum jelly etc. Make sure you use skin products that are not harmful to the sensitive skin or newborn babies.

Bath Time Games to Play with Babies

When babies get older and become a toddler, you will need to get more creative during bathtime to keep them engaged and stimulated but also to keep them corporative. Toddlers can be very hyperactive and getting them to stay still for 20 mins to get a bath might not come as easy as it was when they were newborns. Thus you need to come up with things and games to distract them and keep them still while you give them a bath.

Add Toys to the Water

You already know of the classic rubber duck that you can add to the bath water but you can also add other toys to keep the little occupied for a while. You can even turn the tub into a ball pit by adding lots of balls in different colors to the water. This will keep the toddler excited and busy while you wash them up.

Turn the Lights Off

Turning the lights off in the bathroom and using dim lights bulbs, candles or lanterns for illumination instead will definitely change the mood for you and the toddler. Not to mention it means less stimulation for them.

Create Bubbles

There are soaps that easily turn into bubbles. Blow these bubble up and have you toddlers try to blow bubbles and play with these bubbles while you give them a bath.

Let Them Study Their Surroundings

Play a game where you get the toddler to name items in the bathroom and keep them busy and also learning at the same time. Let them point at different objects and tell you what colors they are, what they are shaped like, and what they are used for.

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